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Misconceptions of Credit Counseling

March 11, 2015

There are many misconceptions when it comes to the federally required credit counseling courses that anyone filing for bankruptcy must complete for certification. Those who hear “course” automatically think of spending hours sitting in a classroom at a school or teaching facility with homework and other nuisances. Hold your anxiety because this is nowhere near the type of “course” you are going to be taking. In fact, the credit counseling courses you will take are essentially quite easy to complete.

There are two ways the federal requirements can be completed, over the phone or online. Although neither of which require you to sit in a classroom, many attorneys require you to complete the credit counseling courses in their office and charge you an additional $100 or so fee to do so. This not only wastes your money, but also wastes your time. At the law office of Jeffrey J. Randa we have you complete the courses on your own free time, whether that is at 6:00 in the morning or 11:00 at night. We see no purpose of doing it any other way. Our staff is very conscientious that majority of our clients have very busy schedules. We try and make the entire bankruptcy process as smooth and stress free as it can be for every individual that retains our services and this means allowing you to receive your certificates when it best fits your agenda. About 99% of our clients take their credit counseling courses online and right from the comfort of their own home.

During your initial visit with the bankruptcy law office of Jeffrey J. Randa, we provide you with a list of companies from which you can obtain the approved certificate. On average the companies we provide to you charge $25 or less for their services. We hunt and do our research to discover which companies are federally approved and which are the cheapest, so you do not have to.

Federal law requires you to complete two separate courses. The first is known as a “budget briefing.” This entire course takes roughly 90 minutes to conclude for certification. You are going to be required to answer general questions in regards to your income, expenses and debt. This course is quite self-explanatory and is mandatory to complete before the filing of your bankruptcy petition. The second course is known as a “financial management” course. It is set up the same way as the first but requires a case number to complete (which you receive once your bankruptcy petition has been filed). This second course discusses ways to manage your finances and provides you with savings tips to put as much monies back in your pocket as possible, prepping you for you new debt free future. The financial management course takes a little bit longer to complete in comparison to the budget briefing, but can too be taking right from the comfort of your own home. Majority of the companies we provide give you the option to put in our email address during the completion of their courses. This allows the company to notify and send us your certificate once completed, providing you with one less task to remember. Once we receive your certificate we will file it with the court that same day.

Unlike many clients initial reactions they come to find both credit counseling courses to be very informative and helpful as well as quite easy to complete with the help of our office. This is not the only aspect of filing for bankruptcy that we make easy. When working with the Macomb County law office of Jeffrey J. Randa every step of the bankruptcy process is prepared to be as stress free as possible, from the credit counseling courses to the actual filing of your bankruptcy petition. Give our office a call today and find out all the ways we make this process easy.

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