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The Law Office of Jeffrey J. Randa Boasts a 100 Percent Success Rate in Bankruptcy

Our bankruptcy law firm is unlike any other you will find. Almost all of our clients compliment our down-to-earth approach, and our friendly attitude. You can tell a lot about any operation from the moment you call. This is why we always advise anyone looking to hire a bankruptcy lawyer to do their homework, and call around. Chances are that whatever impression you first form when you speak with someone is pretty accurate.

That is why, at the Law Office of Jeffrey J. Randa, whoever takes a call is, at that very moment, the Director of First Impressions.

No description, however, can replace the knowledge that comes from picking up the phone and finding out for yourself just how different we are.

A Personal Approach

At the Law Office of Jeffrey J. Randa, we do our consultations over the phone. When you call, we answer your questions and explain the bankruptcy process in as much (or little) detail as you want.

We NEVER press anyone to “come in,” or make an appointment. We leave that decision to you.

Perhaps the biggest difference in our approach as a Chapter 7 law firm in the Macomb County area is how we do our initial client intake meeting. Unlike other offices that give their clients a packet of forms to complete, we sit down and go over everything line-by-line, in person. This avoids any misunderstanding about how to value something, or the possibility of leaving something out.

This is how to do it right.

To charge a client for bankruptcy counsel and then make them do the work and fill out all kinds of paperwork is unfair. This is not how the Law Office of Jeffrey J. Randa works. Typically, at our first client meeting, we will spend an hour and a half going over everything step-by-step with the client. You have to put in the time to do things right and we understand that.

No Hidden Fees

The cost of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a small amount compared to the thousands of dollars you owe or will potentially owe paying the debt over time. Chapter 7 is a quick and easy process. The Law Office of Jeffrey J. Randa starts protecting you from your creditors with the first $100 down-payment. You can become essentially debt free in only a few shorts months. There are no hidden costs and no extra charge for home ownership or a joint filing. It is that simple. We even give a $50 discount on all cases paid in full up front at the initial office appointment.

We have no interest in competing to be the “low bidder.” The quality of legal service suffers when too many corners are cut. In fact, a recent MSN MONEY article makes just that point, and warns consumers about this practice.

In truth, anyone looking to hire a Chapter 7 lawyer should call around and check out different offices in Utica, Sterling Heights and Warren. When you are looking to buy something, don’t you do some comparison shopping? Why should shopping for a bankruptcy attorney be any different?

As far as we know, we are the only law firm to suggest this – no other office does. What’s the big secret, anyway?

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