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Some Students of For-Profit Colleges are Getting Relief from Student Loan Debts

A New Baltimore bankruptcy attorney can help people resolve problems they are facing with many different kinds of debts. One... View Article

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We Do It All for You!

Struggling financially is without a doubt super stressful, and it puts a huge toll on you. So many bills, so little money.... View Article

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The Average American is in Worse Debt Shape Than Greece

Stories of financial troubles in Greece have been making headlines again. Greece owes $323 billion Euros to creditors and the... View Article

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The Joy Of No More Creditor Calls

The phone is ringing, you have no idea whose odd number it is and you aren’t sure if you should... View Article

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Debt Removal From Credit Reports After a Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy protection is actually the first step in the process of rebuilding your credit so you can have... View Article

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Where Will I Get The Money to Pay For Bankruptcy?

Many people feel that it is outrageous to pay so much for a bankruptcy, when you are already in so... View Article

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Will My Spouse Be Affected By My Filing Bankruptcy?

Although a spouse’s income is part of whether or not someone is qualified to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, the... View Article

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Don’t Ignore Your Lawsuit

It happens all the time. You get served with a lawsuit by one of the big-time debt buyers, Midland Funding,... View Article

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Lawmakers Fight for Bankruptcy Protections for Student Debtors

Many people who face huge debt burdens are able to get relief through a bankruptcy filing. A New Baltimore bankruptcy... View Article

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Steps to Take When in a Financial Crisis

A lot of bankruptcy filings are a result of a life crisis: sudden death, divorce, or medical illness. While you... View Article

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Do I Have To Take The Credit Counseling Courses?

Learning about credit is an important part of the bankruptcy process. So the answer is yes, you most definitely have… View Article

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People Who File for Bankruptcy Protections Do Better Than Those Who Don’t

A comprehensive study on insolvency was completed to assess the impact of the 2005 reforms to bankruptcy laws. Insolvency refers… View Article

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Don’t Wait Too Long to File for Bankruptcy!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned after being a bankruptcy law firm for over 25 years, it’s that our clients… View Article

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