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Bankruptcy: Income, Money and Questions

May 15, 2015

It goes without saying that bankruptcy is not for people with a boatload of money, and there are some rules that apply about how much you can make to qualify for Chapter 7. Those rules often change depending on the economy and cost of living. To qualify for Chapter 7 and rid yourself of your debt, there is a threshold of the amount of money you are allowed to make and live on. Also, taken into consideration are the household expenses. While we may spend money on things that are not necessary for our health and wellbeing, our experienced Attorney at the office of Jeffrey Randa will review your income and give you all allowable expenses and determine whether you have any disposable monthly income.

Are you that person who doesn’t have any disposable monthly income left over after paying your everyday living expenses each month? Are you giving yourself all of the allowable expenses you’re entitled to? Well, if you are not sure then what is the next step? It is here that many bankruptcy lawyers will suggest you come in for a “consultation.” We will make it much more effortless for you; call our office and we’ll examine your eligibility and situation, and we will do so right over the phone. Yes, you read that correctly, right over the phone! You don’t need to take time off from work and be dragged into an office just to find out if you qualify for bankruptcy or get more information about the process. When you call our office, there will always be a friendly staff member available during our regular business hours to answer your questions and let you know whether you qualify for bankruptcy and if this is the way to go. We make it as simple and effortless as possible to explore your options.

Everyone’s situation is unique and just because your neighbor couldn’t qualify doesn’t mean you can’t. Every household has different expenses, different income and difference circumstances so don’t be afraid to explore your options before throwing in the towel because your neighbor said “ I make less than you and I can’t file.” We will examine your personal situation, and guide you to the best solution to resolve your financial situation. Don’t waste time convincing yourself that if your neighbor can’t file then you can’t either.

Make no mistake about it – the whole goal of having you “come in” for a consultation is really a way to get you in the “client chair” to close the deal and sign up your case. We definitely don’t work that way. Why use a valuable day off to sit in an office just to find out if you qualify? That doesn’t seem to make much sense. When you need information about bankruptcy, you shouldn’t have to worry about someone trying to hook you in. Usually, when you hear terms like “no obligation,” it means that while there is no actual obligation, you’re going to get the hard sell. Not with our office. By calling Jeffrey Randa’s office you will know whether or not you’re qualified right over the phone and you can save that day off for when, and if it is necessary, to start the bankruptcy process.

So do you qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Do you make too much? The only way to find out is to ask, and there is no better way to do that than at your own convenience, on your own time, and in the comfort of your own home. So don’t wait! You can give us a call and get all of those questions that you have, answered right away. Call us at today (586) 465-1980, and we will make sure that before you hang up, you know and understand all of your options!

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