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Help is Available to Those in Warren

Warren is the largest city within Macomb County and the largest suburb in the Metro Detroit area. More than 134,056 people lived in Warren as of the 2010 Census, and the median age of residents at this time was 39.4 years old. The median income, as of 2009, ranged between $40,136 in Southeast Warren and $55,102 in Northeast Warren.

While some people are comfortable making the median income, there are many other people in the Warren area who are facing financial hardship. The Atlantic recently reported that poverty in the suburbs is becoming an increasingly significant problem nationwide. As the largest suburb in Detroit, Warren is not immune to the economic problems that have led many suburban families into serious financial trouble.

Unfortunately, when poverty exists in the suburbs, the infrastructure to deliver aid is often lacking and families may have few places to turn. Bankruptcy may be their best option, but struggling families need good advice from a Warren Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer to determine if bankruptcy would be a viable and effective choice.

Suburban Poverty Can Lead to Warren Bankruptcy

According to the Atlantic, the number of suburban poor surpassed the number of urban poor in the 2000’s. By 2011, approximately 16.4 million residents of suburbs were living below the poverty line.

Suburbs lack the urban density that city centers have, and infrastructure, safety-net supports and resources for those in poverty are also less available to suburban residents because there was such rapid growth in the number of people in poverty in suburban areas.

There is often little public transportation available in suburbs, so people who cannot afford vehicles may have a hard time getting to work. Food banks, public services offices, charities, homeless shelters and other types of services catering to lower income individuals are also not usually located in suburban areas, and those who may need help could have a long way to travel in order to find it.

All of these major problems with the rise in suburban poverty need broad societal solutions. For individual families who are struggling, however, solving debt problems may be one of the best ways to start getting back on firmer financial footing.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Warren can provide advice to local suburban residents, as well as to individuals in surrounding areas about whether bankruptcy is a viable choice.

Learn Which Type of Bankruptcy Works Best for Your Situation

There are different chapters of bankruptcy consumers can consider, including both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. There are income limits to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which your lawyer can explain.

Those who the Atlantic describes as the “suburban poor” should be able to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The benefit of filing for Chapter 7, as opposed to Chapter 13, is that debts can be discharged without a payment plan. If you have limited income available and are having a hard time paying your bills, discharging your debts can be a key first step towards getting back into better financial shape. Contact Jeffrey J. Randa, a bankruptcy lawyer for Warren, to learn more.

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