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Recent Statistics Show the Economic Recovery Has Not Stopped Bankruptcy Filings

For countless families, the recent economic downturn remains a financial challenge. In spite of reports indicating that the ongoing recovery... View Article

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Seek Help Before Getting Served With a Garnishment

A garnishment is a court order to seize funds or property to satisfy a debt owed to a creditor. This... View Article

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Can Eliminate Surprise Debt Left Over From Earlier Foreclosures

An Experienced Macomb County Bankruptcy Attorney Explains How An article in The Washington Post recounted a sad tale of a... View Article

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The Bankruptcy Process once your Petition has been Filed

While not all law offices provide step-by-step help for their clients, the bankruptcy law office of Jeffrey J. Randa does.... View Article

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The Rise in Wage Garnishment Actions

When you fall behind on a debt, your lender can use a variety of legal tools to try to get… View Article

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What Type of Bankruptcy Should You File?

Once you’ve made that big decision that bankruptcy is the right financial choice for you, you have to decide on… View Article

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New Bill Would Help Consumers Get Debts Removed From Credit Reports After Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy protection means the bulk of debts are discharged. With the help of a Utica bankruptcy attorney, you… View Article

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